How we can help sell your home!

When you have your estate sale, remember that during the sale hundreds (yes...hundreds!) of people will be walking through your home.

They'll go through your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage. Just like an Open House!

So if you need to also sell your home, an estate sale is a great way to generate traffic to, and interest in, your home!

And here's what A New Day can do to help sell your home:
  • In all of our advertising we will note that the house is also for sale. 
  • In our web-based advertising, we will also include pictures of the exterior of the home. 
  • During the sale, we will actively mention to every person walking in that the home is up for sale. 
  • If we get any interest from anyone attending your sale, we'll take their information and pass it directly to you or your realtor. 
  • We can also, if you prefer, have a dedicated area inside the home where you or your realtor can display leaflets or flyers about the home for sale. 

 All of these additional services are no charge for you, too!