ANDES: Serious about security

When our clients are looking at a possible liquidator for their estate, they are usually concerned about issues such as how much the estate might bring in, or what it will take to clean the house out afterwards.

Few are really concerned about security.

But we are.

But it's just an estate sale, right?  Is security that important?

Yes...and here's why.

The liquidator needs to make sure that:

  • valuable items in your home are not damaged or stolen.
  • the number of people in your home is not too many for the staff to monitor
  • the prices on items are not switched
  • the cash accumulated during the sale is kept safe
  • the conditions within the house are constantly monitored for customer activity.

And...the liquidator still needs to conduct the sale.

So what does ANDES do to make sure your estate sale will be run with safety and security in mind?

1.  Security cameras are utilized in any area where valuables are displayed.
2.  For estates with a large amount of valuables, cameras are located to record who enters/leaves the home as well as record sidewalk traffic.
3.  Limits are placed on the number of people allowed to enter the home at any given time.
4.  Cash registers/cash drawers are not used (since these are too easy to pick up and steal).  Rather, cash transactions are handled with a "human cashier".
5.  Security walkthroughs are performed each day: before the sale starts and right after the sale ends.  Doors and windows are checked, all potential hiding areas are inspected to make sure there's no one hiding in the home, and more.

And these are only some of the steps we take at every sale.