As part of conducting the estate sale for you, A New Day will perform the following.

Item Set-up
- Empty all closets, cabinets, storage areas and unpack boxes or storage bins to uncover any items of value.
- Investigate all basement, attic and crawl space areas for items that are sellable.
- Provide all the tables, showcases and other display items needed to properly showcase your items.
- We categorize, stage, clean, appraise, price and display items attractively to maximize sales.
- Establish a "smalls" area for your more fragile, valuable, smaller items.
- Price each item based on its current liquidation value.
- Merchandise your items in an attractive, appealing manner to maximize their selling potential.

House Set-up
- Tape off any areas that are "off limits" to buyers.
- Place warning signs (such as "Watch Your Step") and warning tape at any potentially hazardous locations in the home.
- Place signage throughout the home to indicate our selling, return and payment policies, as well as any directional signage (such as directions to the basement or garage).

Market Your Sale
- Take accurate, thought-out photos (anywhere from 80 to over 400 total photos!) of many of the better items included in the sale.
- Write up a detailed description of the items included in the sale, with specific mentions of better items.
- Promote the sale via an ad in the local Sun News as well as an on-line ad on
- Place directional signage in the neighborhood to direct shoppers to the sale.
- Answer any emails or questions received from potential buyers about any items included in the sale.
- We will obtain any necessary permits to conduct the sale.

Conduct Your Sale
- Conduct a 2- or 3-day sale based on the size of the estate and your particular needs.  All sales are held during the weekend.
- Utilization of a "numbers" system on the first day to control sales traffic.
- Staff your sale with professional, courteous associates who understand how to help run an estate sale.
- Write down every sale (even a sale for no more than $1) on hard-copy receipts.
- Perform a security check at the end of each sales day, including checking closed-off rooms and areas and ensuring windows are still locked and secured.

After Your Sale
- Within 4 days of the last day of the sale, we will issue a packet to you which will include payment for your share of the proceeds, the sales receipts, a sale summary report, and the keys to the home.  You can either receive this packet in-person or we can mail it to your home via Registered Mail.
- Provide you with a list of options on how to dispose of any remaining household items.

Of course, if you need the home emptied and cleaned out after the sale, we offer optional clean-out services, too!