Where to Begin

If you find yourself in need of estate sale services,
here's a quick guideline on how to get started and how the process goes.

Make the appointment
Call or email us to schedule our initial free-of-charge meeting.  We will need to make a visit to the estate to determine if an estate sale is right for you.  It would be very helpful if you already have a good idea of what is to be included in the sale, what items family members are keeping, and what items must remain with the home.

Remember that we normally need 4-5 days for setting up an average estate.  So the sooner you contact us, the better job we can do regarding both meeting your timeframe requirements and setting up the estate!

During our meeting
We will sit down with the family members involved in the estate's liquidation and discuss your situation.  We'll cover items such as your timeframe, potential sale dates, contract terms, and options regarding what to do with the remnants after the sale.

We'll also do a walkthrough of the estate to determine if an estate sale is right for you, as well as discuss items not included in the sale.

Once this is all done, we will give you an on-the-spot quote to hold the estate sale for you.  We will also be able to give you an estimate of our fee for cleaning out the estate after the sale, should you decide to consider using us for the estate clean-out.

If you decide to go with ANDES
We will take about 10 minutes to go over the contract.  Once signed, We will email you your copy of the contract.

No out-of-pocket money will be required of you at any time.  Our fee comes out of the gross proceeds of the sale.

We will then need a set of keys to the home so we can start the set-up.

Set up and conduct the sale
We will then do all the necessary work to organize and conduct the sale for you.  Click here to see all the services included in our estate sale package, including details on the final payout.