We take credit cards

There was a time when a business would have to pay a small monthly fortune to be able to accept credit cards.  Plus a rather hefty fee per transaction.  So monthly bills in the hundreds for even a small business to accept credit cards was not unheard of.

Then came the internet.  And smart phones.  And companies like Square.

Today, accepting credit cards is very affordable.  In fact, we here at ANDES can't understand why more liquidators don't accept credit cards at their estate sales.

But we do.  We're more than happy to take credit cards at all of our estate sales, even if the buyer is charging just $1.

As long as we can get a decent phone signal, we'll take credit cards.

Oh, and we also take NFC payments, including Apple Pay.

Oh, and we also take EMV-enabled credit/debit cards ("chip" cards):

And all of this, at no additional charge to you.