Get Your Sale on the Fast Track!

There are many reasons why you might need an estate sale as soon as possible.

Moving and ran out of time?

Home was sold quicker than expected?


In cases like this, an estate sale is sometimes difficult to have, since it can easily take a week or more to properly set up and conduct the sale.

But we have a solution.

Our Fast-Track Set-Up might just be the answer you're looking for!

This Package includes:

  • a 3-day set-up period, where we perform all of our normal tasks for digging out, organizing and pricing your items
  • a 2-day Estate Sale (usually Friday/Saturday or Thursday/Friday)
  • a pay-out 48 hours after the final day of the sale.

Although not all estates are eligible for this Package, many are.

So if you find yourself in a serious time crunch, don't fill the tree lawn with your belongings...have a quick estate sale and get some much-needed cash in your pocket instead!