Other Services

In addition to conducting your estate sale, A New Day also offers several optional services.

Do you need the house cleaned out after the sale?

A New Day can also perform a post-sale home clean-out of the estate after the sale is complete.  The fee for this service can range from $200 to $600, depending on the amount remaining in the home and the size of the estate.

This flat fee includes all of the following:
  • removal of all remaining sale items from within the home/garage
  • removal of all non-sellable items from within the home/garage
  • donation of some of your remaining household goods to charity, along with giving you any donation receipts
  • a sweep/vacuum of all the floors
  • a sweep-out of the garage
  • a simple cleaning of all cabinets, drawers and closets.

Want a more prominent ad in the paper?

Our standard fees cover a standard 1-column by 2-3 inch ad in the Estate Sales section of your local Sun News.

This ad more than adequately describes your sale, including sale highlights, location and hours.

This ad is free of charge and included in as part of our estate sale package.

If, though, you prefer to have your sale more prominently displayed in the paper, we will be glad to create a larger, more eye-catching 2-column wide ad for you at an additional fee.

Have a lot of documents that need shredding?

Most estates still have some uncovered or undiscovered personal documents, such as boxes of cancelled checks or bank statements.

As part of our standard estate sale package, we will include shredding services for up to 10 pounds of personal documents, which is usually more than adequate for the typical amount of most estates.

But what if your parent was a physician, attorney or financial advisor?  This could mean an office full of sensitive paperwork that needs to be securely and properly destroyed.

For an additional fee of $12 per box (a standard 10" by 12" by 15" office storage box), A New Day will arrange to have these documents professionally and securely destroyed.