Here is a general summary of how the sale went, as well as my quote for the clean-out of the house.

  • The gross proceeds from the sale totaled approximately $4500. Therefore, your share of the sale is going to be approximately $2900 (before any clean out costs).
  • We will likely need at least two dumpsters to get the house and garage emptied. We can start with one dumpster and see if the second one is needed.
  • We can pay for the dumpsters directly from the proceeds and give you the remaining amount when the clean-out is complete.
  • As the house stands now, there is really nothing good left worth donating.
  • We should be able to get the house cleaned out within two weeks of your approval of this quote. That is dependent, though, on dumpster availability. So it might be a bit longer.
  • I will try to get rid of the following items, but due to their size I will not be able to guarantee it:
    • Large metal desk in basement
    • The two dryers in the basement
    • The refrigerator in the basement
  • The refrigerator and the range in the kitchen will remain at the house.
  • To save on dumpster space, we recommend leaving the large wood cabinet in the basement as well as all of the workbenches in the basement.
  • The cost to clean out the house will be $600 plus the cost of the dumpsters. Assuming we need two dumpsters, that leaves a total of about $1600 for you.

Just let me know when you can if you want to proceed with using us to do the clean-out.  As soon as we get a signed clean-out contract from you, we can start the work.