Beware of buyouts!

We can understand why a buyout is so appealing to someone who needs to get a house emptied quickly.

Buyout people pay you money for your items, remove them from your home, and you have a whole lot less items left in your home to get rid of.  Sometimes you're lucky and a buyout person will want to buy virtually everything in your home.

It sounds tempting, but there's a catch:

you are literally getting pennies on the dollar
compared to what you could have made
from a well-run estate sale.

Buyout people know your situation in that you need to get rid of your household items quickly.  And they'll take advantage of that, offering you a low-ball estimate for what they'll pay you.  So even though you have your house partially emptied, you aren't getting anywhere near what the items are really worth on the open market.

What's worse is that buyout people often "cherry pick" the items they are willing to buy.  So even if they do offer you a fair price, they only end up buying the higher value items in your home. 

And you're still left with a house full of stuff you need to get rid of.

A well-run estate sale, though, is there to sell all of your items, from the antique lamp (which the buyout person would want) to all the stuff in your kitchen junk drawer (which the buyout person won't even touch).

And that's what A New Day Estate Sales does best:

Try to sell all of your home items
for the best price we can get.
And get your home a whole lot emptier.