Home access: who's in charge?

When you sign a contract with a liquidator, most clients assume that the person they met will also be the person who will be in your home during the set-up phase of your estate sale, as well as be there during the actual sale.

In other words, you expect the owner of the liquidation company to be there when their staff is working.

But...there are plenty of liquidators out there who, once the contract is signed, simply hand off your house keys to an employee and let the staff decide what to do.

And let's be honest, there's nothing as scary or as aggravating as walking in your home and seeing a bunch of strangers rummaging through your home, without a single familiar face anywhere.

We here at ANDES don't believe in this "hands off" approach to your estate.

When you sign with us, one of the two principal owners of the company will always be at your estate during all set-up times as well as during the sale itself.  He will always be there to ensure that items are properly evaluated, organized and priced.

We never just hand the your keys over to a staff member and give them free reign of your home.

It may sound impressive to say "I have a complete staff to take care of your estate set-up".  But you're not signing the contract with the staff, you're signing it with the owner of the company.  That is the person you're trusting.

So shouldn't that person be at your home?