Pre-Sales: We don't do them. No liquidator should.

ANDES doesn't believe in pre-sales.

We think they're a horrible idea.

OK, so you may be wondering:

What are pre-sales?

A pre-sale is the practice of inviting buyers in to purchase items before the actual publicized sale starts.

Sometimes the pre-sale can happen days before the scheduled start of the sale.  Sometimes it can happen the morning of your sale, an hour or so before the door opens to the general public.

Some liquidators are proud of offering your items for pre-sale.

They may tell you that you'll get more money, or you'll sell more of your items.

We strongly disagree.

What one liquidator may call a "pre-sale" we call something else:  selling your items to their dealer friends and family at a discount, and before the general public gets a chance to even see them.

The dealers get the items cheap, sell them, and the liquidator gets part of the profit.  And you get less money.

We here at ANDES believe that the best, fairest and most profitable way to sell your items is the simplest:

give all interested buyers
an equal chance
at all of your items

In other words, a level playing field.

That's the best policy for our buyers, our company...and you.