Liquidators with retail outlets: Conflict of interest?

First of all, we have no problems with consignment shops, antique stores or resale shops.

We do have a potential problem with liquidators who also operate their own consignment shop, antique store or resale shop.

We think this is a serious conflict of interest.

When an estate liquidator (who also owns a consignment shop or has a retail outlet) visits your estate, what do you think they think?

"Wow, you have the makings of a great estate sale!"


"Wow, you have a lot of great things I can sell in my shop!"

If a liquidator visits your estate, they should have only one thing in mind:  to sell your items at your estate sale and make the most money they can for you.

It's just too tempting for the liquidator to overprice an item at your sale so that nobody buys it, then offer to pay almost nothing for it at the end of the sale so they can put it in their store and make a fortune off of it...and you get basically nothing.

This isn't a true liquidator, it's a shop owner looking for an almost free source of stock for their store.

A New Day Estate Sales has no retail outlet.

Our goals for your estate sale are:

  • to sell as many of your items as we can, for as much money as we can
  • clean out your home after the sale
  • hand you your share of the proceeds and the keys to a now-empty house.

Let's be honest, if you're talking to a liquidator who also owns a retail store...

...where do you think their store items come from?