Fastest. Payouts. Around.

We understand one very important (though usually unspoken) fact.

Handling the estate of a loved one is massively stressful. And when the liquidation is over, you need to move on.

And making you wait a week or more for your share of the sale's proceeds keeps you from getting back to your life.

That's why we typically get you your share in 2-3 business days after the final day of the sale.

How does ANDES provide such fast payouts?

  • We don't take checks. Checks take time to clear. 
  • We start work on the final accounting for the sale as soon as the last day of the sale is complete. 
  • Cash from our credit card payments is usually available the Monday after the sale. 

So the real question isn't "How do we get you your money to fast?"

The real question is "Why do the other liquidators take so long?"