We sell it all.

Quick quiz.

What do these items have in common?

This is a Harris Strong tile clock, a highly sought-after mid-century piece.

Value?  $300 on up.

These are boxes of partially-used spray paint, garden chemicals and motor oil.

Value?  Maybe $5.

Value-wise, these items don't have much in common.  But both of these items were at the same estate sale.

And we sold them both.

Some liquidators specialize in items like the clock, but won't bother trying to sell the "junk" in a typical home.

Other liquidators try to sell just about everything in the home, but don't like (or just don't want to research) higher-end items.

What does ANDES try to sell?

Simple:  everything.

We have sold it all, from...

  • Brutalist bedroom sets to laundry detergent
  • Antique stained glass lamps to boxes of light bulbs
  • Thousands of dollars in silver coins to used canning jars.

We believe that there is value in everything in a home, including half-empty bottles of bleach, in addition to high-end jewelry pieces.

So when we say "we sell anything", we mean it.