We know how to advertise

Let's talk advertising.

The best sale in town won't get any traffic if they don't know about it.

And the ad for your sale is the biggest way to get them there.

But, how does ANDES advertising compare to that of other liquidators?  Let's take a look:

First, like other liquidators, we advertise all of our sales on estatesales.net.  But ANDES also goes that "extra mile" with this on-line ad.  For example, take a look at the two ads below.

The one on the left is a recent ad for a sale that was held by a local estate sale company.  The one on the right?  A typical example of one of our ads.

Which sale would you be more likely to attend?

This sale?           or this sale?  

Why are our on-line ads better?
  1. We take the time to write out full descriptions of the sale, oftentimes stating what's at the sale room-by-room!
  2. Pictures, lots of pictures, sometimes 400 pictures! Our photos highlight not only the room itself, but also all of the individual sale highlights.
So again...which sale would you want to go to?

We also take care in writing our newspaper ads as well, being sure to include the right keywords to bring the buyers in.

And we go even further!

  • During our set-up, we regularly post pictures of finds in your estate on Twitter and Instagram to generate more interest (and traffic) to your sale.
  • For harder-to-sell items like pool tables and pianos, we place strategic ads on craigslist to get more interest in the items.

It's definitely extra work, but it also means more customers to your estate sale!